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Tree on a Stick comes to you as a Gigayte USB thumbdrive containing all the software you need to support your Family History as a genealogy program or a website, including:

Support sofware: PHP. MySQL, and Apache terminal

An enhanced version of TNG, The Next Generation of Genealogy software, a rich graphical program for maintaining and displaying your family history in a website format, featuring:

An attractive customizable Home Page or Cover Page

Attractive dynamically generated pages for each individual in your database depicting genealogical milestones and key events in the individualís life, like family data, census data, property owned, occupations, military service, schools attended, obits, notes and stories.  Each individual page contains an interacive map showing the locations of all the key events in the individualís life as well as links to other maps, images, websites, and reports such as those described below...

Charts - Many formats of Pedigree, Descendency, Register, Ahentafel, Hourglass, and Relationship Charts

Maps - Most places link to multiple forms of maps... roads, satelites, hybrids.  Historical maps hyperlink to individuals. Each individual has a Migramap showing the geographical migration of his ancestors and descendants.

A Graphical Timeline shows images of movies, records, tv shows, inventions, wars, cost of living info, comics, person of the year covers, and other trivia from the individualís lifetime

Links exist to cemetaries and headstones

Reports portray census rolls, cemetary rolls, school rolls, largest families, twins, oldest, youngest, etc., or you can craft your own

A drop-down Research menu allows you to search for the individual you are viewing on several of the most popular genealogy sites on the net. (some sites will ask you to become a member to access some of their information).

Tours guide your visitors through the features of your site and yourself through the procedures you will use to administer it

Tools are included to assist you in publishing your site to an internet host if you so choose

Administrative tools provide access logs, login and registration capabilities, Whatís New features and other aids

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