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The links on this page connect to my family and my home town
 *Northwestern Pennsylvania:  is where my ancestors have lived for nearly two centuries
 *Le(e)han(e)s:                          share my surname.... spelled many, many ways.
 *Leehans of Cussewago:          are my extended relatives... people whose (sometimes                                                                  extremely circuitous) connection to Daniel Leehan of                                                          Cussewago can be documented.

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Northwestern Pennsylvania Family Histories
Search for individuals and families who reside or resided in Northwestern Pennsylvania (Albion, Cranesville, Elk Creek, Cussewago, Conneaut, and Springfield Townships and other parts of Erie and Crawford Counties).  You can find family their trees, pedigrees, census, emigration, naturalization, occupation, and other genealogy reports, and photos as well as yearbook photos, cemetery and tombstone records and photos, property photos, and other articles of historical interest.


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Visit the Leehans, Lehans, and Lehanes of Ireland and their descendents who emigrated to the United States (sorry, Australia and other locations not yet here...) Identify the patriarchs and witness the extent of the diaspora.  Join the search for links between these emigrants and their Liathain ancestors in Ireland.

Leehans of Cussewago
Meet My Family... and the other families who intermarried with relatives of  my gggrandfather, Daniel Leehan of Ireland (Inchageelah, Cork?) and Cussewago, Pennsylvania. Learn about Daniel, his three brothers: John, James, and Jeremiah, his son Matthew, their descendents and the descendents and ancesters of those with whom they intermarried.Here you will find Leehans, Kearneys, Kingstons, Shacks, Carberrys, Mitchels, Einsidlers, Santinis, Ferrantes, and more distant connections like Shippens, Benedict Arnolds, King Ferdinand, and Robert E Lee!

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