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Albion Photo Gallery

Pictures of the town of Albion Pennsylvania then and now.

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Vet Clinic

Merry Go Round

Stone House at Park

St Lawrence RC Church (new)

St Lawrence RC Church (old)

State Street

Moose HaLL

Methodist Church

Loftus Jewelry

Hotel Albion

EUB Church

Barnet Bldg

Main Street

Chrystal Lake

Main Street 'Singing' Bridge

Albion Hotel 1915

1909 Albion East State Street

Steff Funeral Home

Kauffer Appliance

Dr Husted Dentistry

Skelly Store

1910 Albion State St

1910 Albion RR Yard

1911 Bessemer Depot Albion

1915 Bessemer and Lake Erie RR Albion

1940 Albion Aerial 1

1940 Albion Aerial 2

Dollar Store

Salisbury/Tucker Hardware


Shorty Hazen's Barber Shop

Jennie's Ladies Wear

Burns Saloon

Loftus Jewelry, Watral Clothing, Bush Pharmacy

Albion News

Bowling Alley

Kuvic Gas Station


Western Auto

Johnson Feed Mill

Pizza Shop

Skelly's Store

Rogers Brothers

St Lawrence RC Church

Reese's Rexall Pharmacy

Post Office on State St


Community (1st National) Bank

Moose Club

State St Bldg

Sal Malina's Shoe Shop

Gage Bake Shop/Penfield Cleaners

Robb & Powell IGA Grocery

Harris and Sargeant Ford

Marquette Savings and Loan

Elementary School

Lutheran Church

Log Cabin Albion Park

Swanson Oar

Medical Center at Albion

Albion Library

Northwestern High

Collins Music Store

Clarence Morley's 1913 Elk Creek 1st Grade

Downtown Albion

South Main St Stable

Wickmiller Jewelry 1900

Old Elementary Coming Down

Moore's Drug Store

Old High School

Firehouse Blaze 12/6/1949

S A Collins

1911 Model B Rogers Trailer

Johnson Mill Blaze

Albion Elementary

John Williams and Parents- World Champ Archer

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